Plant Mom 

Much like the average book heroine, I don’t have time for hobbies because I’m too busy saving the world*. 

*going to college

My one and only hobby being bookstagram, I’m always searching for those $5 flowers from Walmart to get that Aesthetically Pleasing™ look on a budget. I buy them, take some bookstagram pics, enjoy them for maybe three days and then any joy they brought me gets obliterated when they die. 

I’ve been seeing a few seriously cute pictures come through my feed of little succulent plants and even though my sister had one last year that none of us could keep alive I thought, “It would be an excellent idea to buy three of these.”

So I did. And I proceeded to take some of the cutest bookstagram pictures of my life.

Meet Alucard (left), Minerva (middle), and Lafayette (right). 

My Plant Mom duties include watering every 5-6 days and praying I don’t kill these supposedly-easy-to-keep-alive babes.