Around the World: One Character at A Time 1.0

Welcome to the 1st segment of… Around the World: One Character at A Time! Kathleen and I had been wanting to collaborate on a post for a few months now and when we started brainstorming, this turned out to be an idea we both wanted to run with! In fact, we had so much fun we wanted to make it a monthly thing!


Basically we took three of our favorite characters and decided which cities they most relate to or would live in…

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Percy Jackson and The Feels Train

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by Rick Riordan.

I can basically feel the wind from all of those hastily raised hands.

After I binge read all of the Percy Jackson series in a week and then binge read the Heroes of Olympus series in the following week I cried many salty, salty tears. I gave each a Goodreads rating but nothing more in-depth than that. I gave every Percy Jackson book five stars, and every Heroes of Olympus book five start with the exceptions of The Lost Heroes and The Blood of Olympus which I gave four stars. I technically wanted to give those two a 4.5 but Goodreads decided to change literally everything except the star-by-star rating system in their latest update. So alas, four stars it became.

I pretty much told myself that I would do a review for them when I got around to it on here but when I sat down to do that today, I thought, “wtf dude that’s ten book reviews” and decided that was going to be a strong no. My next thought was, “I could do a series review?” but I’m not totally feeling that either because how am I supposed to take one of the greatest book series (and its sequel) of my generation and review it? I can’t. Just like I can’t review Rowling or Tolkien’s work, I can’t review Riordan’s.

What I can do is something I do best: fangirl.

I fangirled so hard over these books that I thought I had lost my mind. These books have style, fun, realistic romance, friendship, and most important of all, sass. If I didn’t know any better I would have assumed that Rick Riordan was the pen name of a teenage girl; THAT’S how much sass was in these books. There’s what, maybe 5,000 pages? All sass. I’m not even joking, friends. At least 4,500 of those pages have sass on them. What’s even better is that it’s done so well. That’s what I mean by style; Riordan has a way of making everything so intricately easy that I couldn’t put the books down even if I wanted to. I felt like I was reading one long epic tale but it didn’t feel like the 5,000 pages it actually was. That’s the beauty of his work.The icing topper was the awesome emphasis on friendships. Yes, there was romance, but the friendships were always more important. I mean, Jason and Percy’s bromance is the most popular thing in the fandom! Even when the romance was being featured, it was always realistic and age accurate. I had the time of my life reading these books.

I gave each book from The Percy Jackson series five stars, so that basically sums up what I think of those. I gave The Lost Hero (Book #1 from The Heroes of Olympus) four (and a half) stars because it was so screwy in terms of orientation. It was like coming from the first series going North and all the sudden you pick up this second series only to look up and realize you’re headed South! Now with The Blood of Olympus (Book #5 from The Heroes of Olympus), I gave it four (and a half) stars as well because of the ending. We didn’t get a finite end for Leo and the last chapter POV should have been Percy or at least Jason. It sounds petty but once you’ve invested over a certain number of hours into not just one, but TWO book series’, it’s an important thing to reconnect and wrap up with those major characters you’ve known since the beginning. I’m not the only one in the fandom with these probz either.

But my bottom line is, if you haven’t read these books yet, you need to. Once you’ve finished, take your emotionally unstable self to Tumblr and drown the pain in fan art.