Today I’m recommending… Alohomora!

Good news, there’s something that can cure long boring stretches of time and feed our Potter mania. It’s been around for years (literally) but I’ve only been in-the-know for a year(ish). I regret every life decision that kept me from this pure genius and once you hear it you will too.

It’s called: Alohomora!

What is it? A global re-read of Harry Potter.

Now, they’re halfway through Deathly Hallows, but don’t let that deter you! There is an archive of every episode they’ve done. Basically what each episode consists of is a group of hosts reading the Harry Potter series chapter by chapter and doing in-depth discussion. If you’re a fan of delving deeper into the characters and world that we know and love, this podcast is for you.

In the beginning, each podcast covers two chapters, every two weeks at a time but as it grew a fanbase, the hosts decide that there was PLENTY of discussion for one chapter per episode every week (agreed!).

Right now I’m listening to each new episode as it comes out (every Saturday) but I also went back to the beginning and plan to listen to them all in chronological order. If you drive a lot like me, that’s what I recommend you do too.

The hosts are hilarious, and there’s SO MUCH audience participation. They read comments and have a question of the week and even have a fan guest host. There’s lots of Lupin love, declaration of homegirls (McGonagall, I’m looking’ at you), and Draco redemption theories. This is the podcast for the ultimate Harry Potter fan.

Mugglenet has several podcasts that I haven’t checked out yet but will be super soon.

Find your favorite and let me know about it!


Butterbeer Probz

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you know exactly what Butterbeer is, and your life’s goal is to know what that frothy refreshing drink the Trio kicks back with tastes like. I mean, that’s the most logical life goal. When The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was built at Universal Parks in Orlando, Florida, fans got the chance to consume as much of the heavily speculated beverage as their converted muggle money could buy. I went last year (and of course I blogged about it), and in almost every picture that day I had a Butterbeer in my hand. I consider it the best beverage in the world, bar none. So of course, when we left, I was determined to make a replica of this drink that I was now so fond of. I searched alllllllllllllllllllll over the internet (yes, all of those Ls are necessary) and pretty much immediately found out that the recipe from The WW was never released by Universal.


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