Marissa Meyer Book Signing and Giveaway!

Yesterday was one of those awesome days you know you’ll never forget.

Marissa Meyer was coming on tour and unlike most authors, WAS COMING NEAR MY AREA! I digress, it was still almost a two hour drive for me but all things considered I live in BFE and that’s close!

Picture this: me, at Joseph Beth Cincinnati, standing anxiously with an armful of books, making googly eyes at the lady who created Thorne Carswell.

I was.. what are the kids saying nowadays.. totes excite.

I even did my hair and makeup all magically!

(ps: shout out to my most prized possession *heart eyes* that SHIRT!)

Butttt enough of my vanity. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty!

I live tweeted the event (Search @GUpBooknerd #MarissaMeetsMarissa) so if you want to go back and read those you can!

Marissa made her grand entrance at 3pm, as expected, and talked to us for a while about Stars Above. The whole time all I could think was, “Wow she’s got a knack for this!” She talked to the crowd of 250+ like we were each her best friends. She told us the original story of The Little Mermaid and I loved her snark and sass! She also said she thinks oral storytelling is a lost art-form which made my little heart go pitty pat. She even took some time to do a Q&A, gave away two advanced reader copies of her new book Heartless (I didn’t win boooooooo) and announced the winner of the fan art contest!

I know what you’re thinking; “Tell us about the actual signing part, Marissa, geesh!” Okay, okay. If you insist.

I preordered my copy of Stars Above way back on January 25th. This was a ticketed event and since I ordered so early, I was in group A! The only people in front of me were Joseph Beth cardholders. Even still, I waited in line for about an hour! The time passed really quickly though because there was a really great lady in line behind me who liked ALL the same stuff I liked! (Hi Chelsea!)

At the top of the stairs (the line started on the first floor and snaked all the way up to the second) there was this awesome whiteboard with all of the main characters on it where you could vote for your favorite male and female!

Photo Feb 07, 4 19 37 PM

(brb just super enlarging this so you can see the writing!)

I voted for Thorne and Cress (my OTP!). Someone behind me even write in one vote for Levanna. It was a blast! Then came the lady of the hour(s), Marissa Meyer! She was lovely the entire time! She asked how I was and was ever so gracious! She was wonderful and so, so, so kind! I told her our names were the same and she thought that was funny. Then I formally thanked her for creating my #1 book boyfrend, Thorne, and we giggled over sexy spaceship captains. I literally cannot stress enough how lovely this woman is.

The great staff member at Joseph Beth took plenty of candids and did a great job of snapping pictures! Here are a few:

 Obvs you can tell I’m having a great time.

I was so excited to get my copy of Cress signed because it’s my favorite!

Photo Feb 07, 6 39 19 PM

I feel like I should spread the love though, you know? I know what it’s like to want to meet an author, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen! I can’t arrange a meeting between you and Marissa, but I can give you the chance to win a signed copy of her book!

Do you want this signed copy of Cinder?

Photo Feb 08, 4 48 29 PM.jpg

How, you ask? Click here!

You can come back every day and earn more entries by tweeting and spreading the word!

Good luck, lunars.