Teepee, Tipee, Tipi

I read a lot. I mean, if you have read any of my previous posts it’s sooo obvious. If you know me, it’s even more obvious. I like to read in the living room, mostly. But, since I moved back home, it’s hard to read with fourteen different conversations happening and an episode of Keeping Up with The Kardasians or The Pioneer Woman in the background. So, I adapted to reading in my bed. It was nice, but it made me sleepy… Big problems, folks. Big problems.

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Watch Out, World. I Got Creative.

Direly in need of something to put upon my barren walls, I searched the interwebs far and wide for the perfect combination that went with my new room theme. The walls were freshly painted, a vanity/desk was painted, new carpet was laid, two bright white bookshelves were constructed, a DIY dresser was copied from Pinterest, and a headboard was purchased from Ikea. Everything, well everything except for the ceiling fan and blinds that have yet to be bought from Lowes, was finished. But my walls were bare. *cue sobs of despair*

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