Finding My Bookshelf Style with

Books. We love them, we hate organizing them. When you have too many books and not enough space, bookshelves can turn into certified natural disaster areas.

Going on Pinterest for organizational inspiration sounds like a good idea, but their huge user base is both a blessing and a curse. Where to start? What is my style? How does that style translate into organization; specifically book organization?

Well, to help me help you, I’ve enlisted help of

Understanding your style is the best way to begin any organization project, and Havenly makes it easy with an Interior Design Style Quiz!

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 12.58.56 PM

In seven steps, hopefully, Havenly will help me.

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 12.59.36 PM.png

After a few more questions like these…

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 1.03.56 PM

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 1.06.06 PM

… I had all the secrets to the universe! Okay, not really, but I did get insight into what my personal style was called!

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 1.07.39 PM

Coming out of this style quiz throughly obsessed with the results, I decided to try my luck on Pinterest, this time with a little more detail.

One search for “scandinavian bookshelf” later and I notice the definition of “Scandinavian” from Havenly brought to life in front of me. Simple colors with a lot of texture.

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 1.12.32 PM.png

One – more specific – search for “scandinavian bookshelf styling” later and I’m sobbing myself to sleep over how aesthetically pleasing these organization suggestions are.

Notice: the alternating positions of books (standing, laying, spine out, spine in…)

Notice: the featuring of textured objects like BLANKETS and PLANTS

Notice: the grouping of colors


Not a lot of us know our style, and that’s okay! But in today’s Instagram turned Bookstagram world, defining your personal aesthetic is so important. Now that I’ve helped myself, I can help you. My first lesson: figure out your style!


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Book Signing: Emery Lord, Brittany Cavallaro, and Emily Henry

Joseph-Beth Cincinnati hosted two back-to-back signings with my newest favorite contemporary authors! First up: Emery Lord for her newest book The Names They Gave Us

Waiting for Emery!
She’s hilarious.


Emery made us cookies!

Emery was hilarious and down to earth! I had just finished her book When We Collided two days prior to this, and when I told her that it destroyed me she suggested I read something more lighthearted between it and The Names They Gave Us because it would destroy me too! She’s one of the most effortlessly funny people I’ve ever met.

Day Two involved meeting Brittany Cavallaro for her newest book The Last of August and Emily Henry for A Million Junes!

(I haven’t ready anything by Emily yet, so I also picked up The Love That Split The World.)

Waiting for Brittany and Emily!
Their friendship is #goals.
How cute are they?!

Brittany and Emily are best friends, and it was so cute to watch them interact with each other and lead the discussion! They had us laughing, crying, and wanting to be in their #squad. It was a seriously great time, with some seriously awesome ladies! I’ve never met anyone more kind than these two.

Meeting Cassie and eating the cupcakes Emily’s mom made us!

Emily’s mom made everyone these DELICIOUS cupcakes, and I got to enjoy mine with Cassie, a friend from OTSP Secret Sister! it was great meeting her and getting to hang out with her on both nights of signings!

Both signings were small and intimate, and there were some great questions asked! I love getting to go to these events, and couldn’t believe some of my newest faves coming this close to my tiny area! I still had to drive an hour and a half to get to them, but if they got any closer they’d have to host it in a corn field.

Plant Mom 

Much like the average book heroine, I don’t have time for hobbies because I’m too busy saving the world*. 

*going to college

My one and only hobby being bookstagram, I’m always searching for those $5 flowers from Walmart to get that Aesthetically Pleasing™ look on a budget. I buy them, take some bookstagram pics, enjoy them for maybe three days and then any joy they brought me gets obliterated when they die. 

I’ve been seeing a few seriously cute pictures come through my feed of little succulent plants and even though my sister had one last year that none of us could keep alive I thought, “It would be an excellent idea to buy three of these.”

So I did. And I proceeded to take some of the cutest bookstagram pictures of my life.

Meet Alucard (left), Minerva (middle), and Lafayette (right). 

My Plant Mom duties include watering every 5-6 days and praying I don’t kill these supposedly-easy-to-keep-alive babes. 

A Mother Reacts to Hamilton

I may be a few years behind the times but I’ve finally caught up to the Hamilton obsession. Trust me, I’ve done enough fan-girting in this last month to make up for it (ahaha someone please take the internet away from me).

My sister also loves Hamilton, but our mother? She’d never heard of it.

I could write a ten-thousand word blog on her reaction but why do this when you can just watch this amazing video compilation:

I Started a Business with My Mom

Who starts a business at 2am? We do. 

For years in the Osman household we’ve had this running joke that when we open up a business, we’re going to call it Angry Hare. We’ve tried thinking back, but no one can quite remember exactly why. 

At 2am on a random day of the week, Angry Hare was born in our family room. 

Mom: “What kind of business can I start?” 

Me: “Let’s sell candles.”

Mom: “Okay.”

With the diligence of a self-appointed CFO, she immediately began researching product cost and profit. I browsed Etsy for the kinds of candles people were selling. 

As it turns out, you can make a profit selling candles and even with the bookish candle market booming, there was one genre of candle that didn’t exist yet. 

Comical candles. 

Comical candles based on BOOKS and movies and tv shows and pop culture and BOOKSSSSSSS!

This all happened in September of 2016 and it’s now Febuary of 2017. We’ve filled 54 orders (JAN2017), the majority of those orders containing more than one candle. That’s five months. WHAT. We had zero idea that people would even want to like our Instagram page let alone BUY our product! 

The comical candle business is still seemingly obsolete, as in, I am unable to find another retailer focused solely on selling candles with funny themes. How did we break into this?!

On accident. We literally did it on accident. We did it at 2am in our living room with half an hour of research. 

In those five months we’ve trademarked our name, gotten a logo, created over twenty scents, and have fought approximately 9,000 times. 

Running a business with your mom isn’t easy. She fronts the money. She handles the money. THE MONEY. She’s smart as a whip which means I have to also be smart enough to sell my product designs to her (“yes, mom, this Harry Potter candle WILL sell”). We have no idea what we’re doing other than that. How do taxes work? How do we keep track of our stock? Do we really need two different sized shipping boxes? WHERE DO WE STORE ALL OF THESE BLOODY CANDLES?!

Here’s the thing though: our five-month-old business is growing. Our social media is gaining a good following. We have brand representatives. Our Etsy store is getting thousands of views.

Sometimes when our lables won’t print right or our candles start to frost on the top or the giant mass of cardboard boxes we store in the living room gets too be too unsightly, we feel like we suck at this. 

Running a business isn’t fun. No part of it’s fun. 

What it is, is enjoyable. It’s enjoyable to see your hard work pay off. It’s enjoyable to see people like what you’re selling. 

I don’t know if I’d recommend starting a business with your mom. Fred and George certainly didn’t have Mrs. Weasley hanging around the joke shop, after all. If you can’t handle your mom’s ~momness~, then don’t do it. Me? I can handle her momness and that’s why it works. 

Today I’m Recommending… SpeakBeasty!

Do you find yourself obsessed with a certain British mazizoologist?

MuggleNet’s relatively new podcast SpeakBeasty is dedicated to providing bi-weekly discussions on not only Newt, but the entire franchise!

They just celebrated their first birthday a few months ago and two weeks ago they had none other than Dan Fogler aka Jacob Kowalski on to guest host! They’re moving quickly, folks. They’re the only MuggleNet podcast to have hosted a main character from the Wizarding World!

I started listening to them about seven or eight months ago and am super attached now. 

I’m recommending them particularly because of my favorite segments: the Newt Case, where they discuss fantastical beasts, and the Time Turner where they discuss historical events in the muggle/Fantastic Beasts time frame! 

My commute is FOUR HOURS round trip THREE TIMES a week and I am telling you that SpeakBeasty is the only thing that keeps me sane!

Give them a listen! Newt would be disappointed if you didn’t. 

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child – All of my feelings in once place, albeit scattered.

SPOILERS for plot but not special effects.

They’re not even really spoilers, just my general reaction to all the feels.

On the whole, if you haven’t read the script or already spoiled yourself elsewhere, I recommend stopping here.

 Skip to the bottom of the post for some bullet points of my favorite stuff if you’re too lazy to read the whole thing. I won’t blame you. I probably would.

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