How I Learned to Love My Bookstagram

For a long time, I didn’t love my Bookstagram. For a long, long time. 

Take a stroll back through my feed. It’s cringe inducing for me to, so I won’t be joining you.
I used to look at those perfectly set up photos by other Bookstagrammers and think, gosh, I don’t have the skill or prop collection to pull that off.  So, I just used a static background and arranged a book with some props in a blocky configuration. NEWS FLASH: although some can make that look minimalisticly cool, I cannot. 

Here’s how I made myself happy with my feed:

Only shoot on sunny days!

I used to think it wouldn’t really matter if it was cloudy or if the light was 100% natural. Looking back on my older pictures, I wish I would have started caring sooner. Without a sunny day, even the natural light looks blue or grainy. 

Fluorescent light is a bookstagrammer’s mortal enemy. 

Only shooting with good bright sun is really important to my pictures!

Use a mixture of background textures.

Oy. You know how I mentioned using literally one background in all my pictures and thinking that looked good? I don’t know how some of you do it! I LOVE those types of aesthetics and so cannot pull them off. 

What I did to work for me was mix harsh and soft backgrounds. I use a mix of wood and blankets for overhead shots or I do a portrait shot with the book/prop up front and my bookcase/blankets/window/anything boring and bland in the background.

I was afraid for so long to have a feed with “no theme” but NO THEME IS MY THEME.

You don’t need props. 

Some of my favorite Bookstagrammers don’t use props at all but because we’ve already established that I apparently have no talent for minimalistic pictures, I use them.

Using other books as props is my greatest joy. If you turn the pages to face the camera and stack them in the background, BOOM, interesting book stack. If you take other books from the author/series and toss them around casually in the picture, BOOM, cohesive scene setting.

Fake it ’till you make it. 

I think it’s a fluke that I have over 600 followers. I don’t even know how I got that lucky. I love all of my followers. 

It’s okay to be addicted to the likes. 

Likes make you want to take better pictures. They make you want to do and be better! As long as you’re not obsessed with them for the wrong reasons or so obsessed that you literally cannot function, wanting those likes is good! 

Interact with commenters and participate in the community!

Don’t just post and ghost. Get out there and comment! Respond to commenters on your posts. Ask questions in your captions! Make use of stories to get personal! Engage! Follow your favorite feeds and support newbies in the community!

The more you interact, the more fun being a Bookstagrammer is.