Overview: Jane Eyre – Charlotte Brontë

Top Ten Reasons to Read: 

  1. It’s a classic work of literature you uneducated heathen GET WITH THE TIMES (lol I am just now reading it at 21)
  2. For a book from 1847, Charlotte Brontë sure does know how to get and keep her audience interested.
  3. ALL OF THE MEN SUCK BUT THERE ARE SO MANY STRONG POWERFUL BEAUTIFUL AND TALENTED WOMEN (I cannot say this loud enough; I wish there was a caps lock x2)
  4. Jane takes absolutely no crap from anyone. Not her elders and definitely not her men.
  5. Adèle is the cutest little child to ever grace this earth I WILL FIGHT YOU ON THIS
  6. Some supernatural elements that always get explained by a logical reason
  7. Not a book about pointless socialization in England’s 19th century. (#blessed)
  8. Realistic death and injury (main characters are actually hurt and or killed like REAL LIFE PEOPLE)
  9. A couple of awesome dogs (really they aren’t that important but I love it when they make a cameo)
  10. Definitely better than Gone With the Wind (and if you know how much I love that book you know this is the best compliment ever).