Overview: The First by Dylan S. Perry

Top Ten Reasons To Read:

  2. Specifically: sneaky ~lady~ witches
  3. A main character who tries to deal with her emotions but just can't because sometimes emotions aren't preferable
  4. Time travel (can I get a whoop whoop?)
  5. The main villain in this story is every male, ever and you know what? I'm 100% okay with this.
  6. Fun little cliff-hanger in the middle
  7. Ending with a resolution
  8. SASS
  9. Visceral description of witchy stuff
  10. A main character who loves books??? Sign me up!!!

4/5 Stars

I loved this plot and the story-telling but here's what I was missing:

  1. Badass women of color
  2. More pages

I think this story needs more space to breathe and be told; I wish it were a full length novel rather than a novella!


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