Time Flies when You’re… an Adult

Adults have to do adulting thing like go to work… Also I can’t complain because part of my adulting involved going on vacation so really it all balances out?

Mostly last month while I was away from blogging I kept up with myΒ bookstagramΒ but was pretty down low on social media otherwise.

In my month long break I got to thinking about the future of this blog. Am I going to have time for it? Is it really going anywhere? Do I want to continue putting the effort needed into it? For how much longer do I see it being a priority in my life?

At this point I’m going to keep it up for as long as I enjoy it. Really, even though there are points where I am absent for a few weeks at a time, I feel as if I still am able to keep it consistently updated with the help of my bookstagram and Twitter. I don’t know for how much longer it will be a priority in my life because lets be honest, adulting isn’t just hard, it’s often surprising. Right now I have the time and energy to put into this, so this I will put my time and energy into.

Besides, adulting involves a lot of multitasking and I am the queen of that. Right now, thanks to my trusty Mac, I’m writing this and binge watching every Marvel movie involving Tom Hiddleston.



2 thoughts on “Time Flies when You’re… an Adult

  1. I totally get what you mean! Well, technically, I’m still a college student. But I live miles from home so I have to do my own groceries and stuff for my dorm. Also, my university’s campus is built in a way that it resembles an extremely small city! We have a shopping center, restaurants, a hotel, boarding houses and regular houses as well. Pretty crazy.

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