Free time? What’s that?

As writers, readers, bloggers, people, it’s hard to find time for things. When am I supposed to get blog posts up when I have professors breathing down my neck for a solid month waiting for fifteen page research papers? When am I supposed to read from my TBR pile when I spend the majority of each day at work? When am I supposed to work on my WIP when I am worried about grades, work, and blogging? *screams*

I decided not to worry about anything for the entire month of April because my professors decided it was finals month instead of finals week. Now, it’s summer. With university out of the way, I’ve got this weird elusive thing called…

free time

Uh, what am I supposed to do with this? Really only one thing was eliminated from my schedule but as a double major it feels more like ten things. So, uh, now I can do stuff? I can write and blog and read and bookstagram and knit and watch tv and not have to worry about essays and quizzes and my future???? Cool.


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