SOS Plz Someone Help Me

I’m not exactly sure how I came across The Mortal Instruments series a few years ago but I did. I think four of the six books were out at the time? I definitely remember having to wait for the last one, City of Heavenly Fire. I really liked the books and even started to read their spin-off series which now Cassandra Clare has written what feels like a dozen of. Truthfully, they weren’t all that great or interesting. Over the years I’ve still stayed a fan to the original series but I never got into the fandom so all of its drama (apparently theres a lot of it???) passed me by.

Thankfully, the ~Magical World of Tumblr~ brought some knowledge to my otherwise ignorant life.

Cassandra Clare is a fraud and a bully.

These two links just kind of sum up the whole situation because honestly it would take a year to sift through all of the different information.

A few months ago I found a post on Tumblr about all of this hullabaloo and realized that it was far from recent, but was being brought to light again because of the new tv show based on her novels (Now-a-days when the moviebasedfromabook fails, Hollywood makes a tv show about it instead. Ok.).

I have literally no idea how in the hell Cassandra Cla(i)re is even allowed to do this because not only did she openly plagiarize in her fan fictions and then use those plagiarized fan fictions to create her best-selling novels, but she double plagiarized (is that a term? no? it is now thanks bye.) those best-selling novels. Even though she’s come up with her lame-o excuses over the years she’s still a real bad mamajamma.

But you’re thinking, “Marissa, dude, none of this is new news.” I know. But here’s the thing.

I’m kind of into the new tv show based on this woman’s debacle of a novel.

(Did that kind of rhyme?)

I watched, like, the first two episodes and then with work and classes I just let them pile up onto my DVR. After my sister threatened to punch me a couple of times for taking up so much DVR space I thought I better make time to watch them. I have to say, guys, they awoke some feels in me that I didn’t know I felt.

The dialogue is cheesy and realllll awkward but for some reason I cannot stop watching it. I cannot stop loving it. The whole time I’m watching all I can think is, “All I’m doing is supporting this woman.” So, it’s a little conflicting. Do I stop supporting the woman who bullied and scammed her way to fame? Do I ignore it and continue loving the hilariously awkward television show based on characters I kind of love?

In the words of the lovely Rihanna, sos plz someone help me.

And for the love of God someone please help CC and her lying problem before it gets any more out of control.


5 thoughts on “SOS Plz Someone Help Me

      1. Agreed! I’m actually only a fan of the original series. I don’t like her current work. I think I’ll still watch Shadowhunters even though that supports her.. But I’m too invested in Dominic Sherwood’s acting career. I want to support him more!

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