Hump-day Highlight: Reading the Blues Away

Reading the Blues Away is a booky blog where my friend Sara does bookish bloggy things!

Who are you?

Always been a reader, and always will be a reader. I don’t pay much attention to genre, I’ll give anything a chance but usually end up with more YA, NA, contemporary. I love stories I can relate to, that fit into life. Music is just as important to me as books. Both carry me away from this world and into a much happier world if only for a little while. Same as books I listen to everything in the music world. Basically I’m just a small town Bama girl in love with her books. Socially Awarkward Fangirl. Lover of fictional characters and nerdy boys!

What is your favorite book or series? Why?

Favorite stand alone would be Faking Normal by Courtney C. Stevens. I love it because it is so real. I had so many emotions with this book; I cussed it, I cried like a baby during it, I was happy with the end. One wild roller coaster of a book, if you have not read it so it NOW!! (Find it here.) Favorite series is the Divergent series. I was never going to read this series because it wasn’t my usual genre, but am I ever so glad I did. This series has everything, family problems, and interesting future world, love, and loss. I am very disappointed with the movies though. Divergent was amazing, totally spot on. Insurgent was completely ruined, nothing like the book at all. I will see Allegiant but I am afraid of what it will be like. Don’t even get me started on my feelings of the split. (Find it here.)

Is there a particular book or series that has changed your life?

I wouldn’t say there was one that changed my life but The Giver was always a big part of my life in high school. I read The Giver at least once a year of not more during and right after high school. I wanted to live in that world. It just seemed to be the perfect place. No choices. No worries. I wanted someone to tell me what to do with my life, so I wouldn’t make the wrong choice. (Find it here.)

How has reading in general impacted your life?

Reading was all I ever had. In school I was the kid that read in class between assignments, that took a book to P.E., and that read before and after school. I would have taken a book to the cafeteria if the teachers would have let me. I never had any friends and didn’t feel like part of my family. If it wasn’t for books I don’t know what I would have done. I always had a friend when I had a book to read.

If you could spend a day with any author, who would it be, and what would you do?

This is a tough choice. Of the many I would choose I think I’ll go with Lurlene McDaniel. I have loved her books since day one. She is my ultimate favorite author. We would have lunch and talk about books of course! I would also like to talk to her about all the different research she has done. Each of her books is about a different medical problem, and I have learned so much from them. In fact her books are one thing that made me choose a medical career. What else would you do with author?!?

What character can you most relate to? Why?

I am most like Cath from Fangirl. I am a very unconfident person, who is perfectly fine in my comfort zone. It scared me how much I saw of myself in Cath while reading Fangirl. I hated my first year at college, in fact I left my first school before I ever went to a class. I was very outside my zone going away to school and it terrified my greatly. Even when I went to a smaller school closer to home I still spent my time between classes sitting in my car or my dorm room. I never went anywhere other students were because I didn’t know what I was supposed to do. I just wish my story turned out more like Cath’s does.

When and why did you start blogging? Tell us your blog’s story!

I started Reading the Blues Away in July of 2015. I started because I wanted to be more involved with the bookish community. I never had anyone to fangirl over books with until I joined Twitter. Then I found the OTSPSecretSister community where I met so many amazing people. Talking with these people, and seeing how everyone interacted with each other made me want to be more a part of this wonderful community so I started my blog.

I see you’re doing the series-a-month challenge! How’s it going so far this year? Do you have any advice for other readers/bloggers who want to do it too?

The series-a-month challenge is hit and miss so far. I read the Eve trilogy by Anna Carey, I really enjoyed it. I didn’t read anything for the challenge in February, life and a reading slump got in the way. I would tell any bloggers/readers that want to join the challenge is go for it. Don’t stress about it too much, if you miss a month it is okay. Challenges are supposed to be fun not stressful!


Sara’s blog has an awesome pinkish/tangerine astetic (I’m obsessed.), she participates in some cool running memes like Top Ten Tuesday, and  further than that, she runs a segment called Bookish Bucketlists that I am so excited about because I feel like its a fresh idea on top of being so much fun. How would I know, you ask? Because she’s invited me to be a part of it! Subscribe to Sara’s blog to catch her latest Bookish Bucketlist update featuring me, myself, and I (I talk about sexy spaceship captains so I swear it’s a good time.). 

I digress. 

The name of Sara’s bookish blog is probably my favorite aspect. Reading the Blues Away is super personal to me and a lot of you other book nerds out there. So often books ARE our worlds of escape and even more often people try and make that seem all magical when in reality it’s just a way for us to be in a world that’s not as hard as ours seems at times. I mean, Lord Voldemort trumps Trump any day amiright? So Sara’s name is a nice reminder that we do in fact read our blues away and we have a dang good time doing it. 

Head on over to Sara’s space and check it out. Drop by her posts and leave her a comment telling her how awesome she is. You can find everything you need right here.


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