Teepee, Tipee, Tipi

I read a lot. I mean, if you have read any of my previous posts it’s sooo obvious. If you know me, it’s even more obvious. I like to read in the living room, mostly. But, since I moved back home, it’s hard to read with fourteen different conversations happening and an episode of Keeping Up with The Kardasians or The Pioneer Woman in the background. So, I adapted to reading in my bed. It was nice, but it made me sleepy… Big problems, folks. Big problems.

My room renovation was basically complete but I was holding out for The Perfect Chair. I didn’t know what it was going to be, exactly, but I knew I would know when I saw it. My first thoughts drifted towards a chaise lounge. Hearing my wallet laugh hysterically from my purse, I knew that wasn’t going to happen. Who spends $300 for a chaircouch? (Totally me, if I had the money.) After seeing how expensive those were, I pretty much gave up because most chairs are uncomfortable to read in or too big to fit in my room without making everything feel really cluttered. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do and I was getting frustrated and impatient.

Being an avid water of reality television, and an evid reader of cosmo articles, I kept seeing this trend of teepees in play rooms. I never put much thought into it because I don’t have kids, but as I was reading the thousandth article on how chic and in style they were, it hit me: I need a teepee.

It was the perfect solution. I could put cute pillows and blankets in there, make it all cozy, use it to read and work… It was going to be awesome. Except for the part where they’re basically all child sized and reall expensive.

Back to square one. Or so I thought.

I perused Pinterest, because I foolishly thought, “How hard could a teepee be to make?” Well, as it turns out, harder than I thought. I should have known. Drilling? Sawing? Nail gun usage? Sewing? Nope nope nope nope.

One Pinterest lady claimed that she build one for under $20 with no sewing required and it was so easy she could do it with her eyes closed. I’ve since not been able to find that article again, but you can read a very similar oneย here.

Presumably, I was going to be able to spend $20 and make a teepee without having to sew anything and it was going to take less than a few hours. I was all in.

I wish I had taken pictures for you guys, but honestly I ran out of patience with the whole project before I even made it home from the store so takin pictures was the last thing on my mind. I bought five furring strips, a dropcloth, and twine. It really was $20. There’s a more specific list in the post I linked you to above which will also give you picture-aided instructions on how to assemble it.

Putting it together proved to be slightly more difficult than advertised. I enlisted the help of my dad who pulled out his drill and staple gun which negated most of the “no tools necessary” advertisements on this whole project. He also told me to only use four furring strips instead of five. I probably didn’t need the tools, but it made everything much more secure once we got it together. It took about an hour and a half, total. When we finished, I got some extra fabric and fabric glue and made the front flaps a little more decorative.

As for its usefullness? Well it really remains to be seen. I’ve had it up for a few weeks now, but I only have a flimsy pillow to cushion my rear-end. So right now it’s not super comfortable. I have been reading a lot in it though, so far. I think once I find a good pillow to line the bottom with, I’ll never want to leave. It’s chic, cozy, and big enough for me to comfortably sit in. I don’t have room to spread out in it, but it fits me (I’m 5’8″) fine.

Here’s the finished product!



4 thoughts on “Teepee, Tipee, Tipi

  1. This is INCREDIBLE! I often have the same problems. I live in a duplex with my husband. Our living room is the shared wall, and my neighbors…they’re party-ers. So it’s loud in there. The only other options are the office or the bedroom. My husband is often in the office and often playing online games. It’s hard to read with “I’M DOWN. NEED A MEDIC” being screamed every second. I have to resort to my bedroom and I do get sleepy reading in my comfy bed. I am absolutely going to try this out! (ALso, please join Bloglovin! I love reading your blog, but I don’t always remember to go the URL.) Happy New Year!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I totally understand the video game thing; it does not make for a very good reading mood setting noise. LOL. I just got a Bloglovin’ but none of the widgets are supported on WordPress apparently so I don’t know how to share the link with you! Any suggestions?


  2. Really? I have a WordPress and it lets me put it in. I’d say make a graphic button of your own and add the link behind it, like you’ve done with Instagram and Tumblr icons above. I saw your post about it though and now I am following! Woohoo!

    Liked by 1 person

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