The Three Things Your Booknerd Needs for Christmas

What do you get a booknerd for Christmas?

Everybody take five seconds to reread the very difficult question I just asked. Done? Good.

It doesn’t seem like it would be hard, right? What do you get a booknerd for Christmas? Books, duh.


Well, sort of.

Booknerds are complicated creatures, who must be approached slowly and with an offering of ample coffee in their natural habitat. They are vicious and unrelenting. They also really like kittens. It’s complicated. I would know because I am one. Likewise, it’s hard for non-booknerds to buy us books. Sometimes it’s even hard for fellow booknerds to buy us books! Heck, sometimes it’s even hard for us to buy us books.

So, the very first thing I advise you to do is ask your booknerd what they want, specifically. Trust me; odds are they’ll have a list of the books they want, color coded, alphabetized, and long enough to circle the world four times. It’s really just easier on us all if you ask.

The problem thus becomes, what to get them besides books. Woah, dangerous territory, right? Yep. I mean, that’s basically what it’s like when you’re buying a gift for anyone.

Will they like it? Is it the right size? Is the price too high/low? Do they already have one? Will they even use it?

With booknerds, it’s that complicated plus some. You have to ask yourself all of those questions plus things like

Is this the right fandom? Marvel or DC? Do they hate The Hulk and Captain American but love Thor and Black Widow? Do they like collect these? Do they already have these in their collection? How many coffee cups do they actually need with their Hogwarts house on it?

And those are just a few.

The good thing is, if you’re buying them a gift, you probably have a way to find out those things because you’re close enough to them in the first place. The bad thing is, you typically can’t do that without raising suspicion.

With all those questions floating around in your mind, it kind of takes the joy out of picking out just the right gift. So, I’ve made a list of pretty fool-proof things any booknerd would love. This will narrow down some of the best places to pick out your gift, but I can’t do all of the work for you. If you buy them a Slytherin shirt and their a Hufflepuff, don’t come crying back to me!

Here are the three things that you can’t go wrong with gifting to your booknerd this holiday season.

Bookmarks $5-$25

The first thing to make the list is something I’ve recently become obsessed with, even though I’ve yet to actually buy one (or multiple, because let’s face it, when I do, I’ll buy like ten).These are super cute and literally everyone in the book world is busting down Etsy’s URL to get them. Bookmarks for me are usually random slips of paper or leftover gum wrappers or something equally blah. Now, these fabulous Etsy stores are becoming creative. Fancy bookmarks are all the rage!

Coming in a variety of designs and fandoms, MyBookmark is a store that I AM IN LOVE WITH. Their bookmarks are impressive and so intricate. They are, because of the handmade quality, somewhat more on the expensive end of the spectrum.

Recently, magnetic versions have become available which has everyone even more in a tizzy. I (after hunting down stickers for my planner, but that’s another story), stumbled across The Sticker Alley. They are geniuses, if I do say myself. They cover a plethora of fandoms and interests in their bookmark designs. You can’t really go wrong with that price either!

Fandom Combination T-Shirts $11-$25

Fandom t-shirts aren’t hard to come across these days. Basically, booknerds have taken over the world of fashion. You can get a Star Wars, Harry Potter, Disney or Dr. Who t-shirt just about anywhere. One problem: What if you want a shirt that displays your allegiance to more than one fandom? *whisper screams* Oh noooo! But, never fear.

There is a website that basically specializes in that. Oh, the wonders of the people on the interwebs. TeeFury is a site that allows users to design and sell their own artwork on t-shirts! Not surprisingly, the booknerds who, as previously mentioned, have taken over the world have made artwork to represent the combination of fandoms. Check it out and see if your Star Wars/Harry Potter/Disney/Dr. Who fan would be satisfied! The daily deals are marked down pretty cheap, but even the regularly priced tees aren’t bad (considering you’re getting someone’s custom art).

ps: While we’re on the topic of crossing fandoms, I’m going to bring up crossing Hogwarts houses. Visit CrestCrossed for all of your Huffledor/Ravenpuff/Slytherpuff/Ravendor/Slytherdor/Slytherclaw needs!

Candles $8-$18

Candles in general make a good gift, but because there are, like, a million booknerds out there who are more creative and muah, there are book and book-themeed scented candles. Four shops have gathered quite a bit of Etsy attention in the recent weeks and months.

bubbleandgeekFrostbeardFromthePage, and GeekNest

Ranging from Game of Thrones to Harry Potter, from The Hobbit to Dr. Who, all four of these stores freaking kill it in the diversity department. One thing that makes me really excited is the price from all four of these lovely people. Candles are so stinking expensive that now-a-days you can’t even get one cheaper than $10 from Walmart. These custom booknerd savvy ones are super reasonable.

There are tons of other booknerd type merchandise that is out there. Other awesome sites to search on are Redbubble (I have a store and I TAKE REQUESTS! citybibliophile), Amazon, the hundreds of thousands of other stores on Etsy, and Hot Topic.

If you’re looking for something other than books and merchandise but would still be gold for a booknerd, I would suggest a gift card. Amazon (for their Kendle), Barnes and Noble, and Joseph Beth are some of the major book retailers around. A giftcard to any store that sells merchandise would be just as effective.

In the end, you are the one who knows your booknerd best. I’m sure they’ll be happy to unwrap whatever you decide to give them.

What’s on your wishlist? Is there something special you’re planning on getting your booknerd? Tell me!

Happy shopping!


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