Harry Potter Nail Art

I’m a sucker for a good manicure. If another woman walks up to me and starts talking, I definitely notice if she’s got nails that are sloppy or well-done. Quite a few years ago, I was on a kick of nail design and let’s just say I thought I was really good at it. Mostly I just did a lot of chunky paint with glitter. I was probably fourteen, so I don’t really blame myself too much. In hindsight, I’m glad I practiced doing what I did because lately I’ve had the urge to do at-home manicures again. This time I decided to forgo painting my regular nails and use the glue-on ones from the supermarket. No shame. I don’t have the money or the time to go get a professional set of acrylics done every week or two. Nope. Not here. Not this girl.

Thus began my adventure.

I purchased the nails (plain, kind of see-through-ish), and got to work. Heads up: DO NOT purchase the ones that say “natural”. They will chip in five minutes. I bought a pack of 200 that included the glue at Walmart for $5.

Our nail polish stash at home includes a variety of $1 polish from the sale bins at Walmart and The Dollar Store. Once again, no shame. Who really pays $7+ for a bottle of nail polish? Not me. So, I didn’t use anything fancy. Oh, and by variety, I mean around 60 bottles. Maybe more. My family hoards nail polish for some reason and I haven’t figured out why yet but it has really come in handy for my recent endeavors.

My next step was to purchase nail decals. Totes not necessary, but reallllllllllllllllllllllllllllly helpful. And I mean REALLY helpful. Especially if you suck so badly at drawing that it hurts your brain to even think about making miniscule designs. *raises hand* Like me. I got two sets of Harry Potter themed ones from AccioLoveCrafts. They cost about $5 a sheet. They sell loads of others there and if none of those suit you either, there are plenty of other shops floating around places like Etsy that you can probably find something that tickles your fancy. Here’s a picture of the two I bought:


I had all of my stuff (finally, because the US Postal Service hates me and is always super slow when they know I want need something) and was ready to go!

These decals, specifically, say that they show up against white nail polish the best. I agree, but I’ve used them on bronze, red, and yellow so far as well and they look just fine. Just use common sense. If you put a black decal on a nail that’s painted black, it’s not exactly going to be an eye catcher.

I’ve done five sets so far and I’ve adored each one! Here were the final results!


For my first set, I did the basic white nail like the decal package suggested. Then, as I was feeling particularly sassy, I did a dark mark decal on my thumb. It was wonderful; I felt very Bellatrix all week.


The second set I did was during a stent of Dramione fan-fiction so helloooooo Draco. *tons of winky faces*. These were Slytherin Seeker inspired, for sure.


With the third set, I celebrated my house, Ravenclaw. Anyone who knows me knows I was a hatstall between Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, but I chose Ravenclaw. Duh.


With the fall season being in full swing, my outfits are ever a display of reds and yellows and neutrals. This set, the fourth, had to be red to go with a planned outfit I had for the next day. I know, it’s probably the girliest thing I’ve ever done in my life. But I chose a “Weezley” is our king decal and felt very Gryffindor in my red and gold.


My most recent set, and the set I am wearing as I type this, shows my Hufflepuff side. I wanted to do a black nail, but knew the crest probably wouldn’t show up well on it, so I did a yellow accent to solve that problem! Puff Pride!

So- as you can probably see, I’m keeping the Harry Potter theme up quite consistently. I still have a few ideas up my sleeve for a few more sets. You can see how those play out on my Instagram! The link to follow it is in the sidebar and at the bottom of the homepage.

Do you have suggestions for me? Requests? Let me know!


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