Butterbeer Probz

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you know exactly what Butterbeer is, and your life’s goal is to know what that frothy refreshing drink the Trio kicks back with tastes like. I mean, that’s the most logical life goal. When The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was built at Universal Parks in Orlando, Florida, fans got the chance to consume as much of the heavily speculated beverage as their converted muggle money could buy. I went last year (and of course I blogged about it), and in almost every picture that day I had a Butterbeer in my hand. I consider it the best beverage in the world, bar none. So of course, when we left, I was determined to make a replica of this drink that I was now so fond of. I searched alllllllllllllllllllll over the internet (yes, all of those Ls are necessary) and pretty much immediately found out that the recipe from The WW was never released by Universal.


I then turned to the lovely people out there who are just like me but more creative and talented in the kitchen. I found literally hundred of Butterbeer options. Frozen, liquid, and hot! Mom was so annoyed that I kept asking for odd things from the grocery stores as I tried recipe after recipe and kept needing more and more ingredients. I ended up abandoning all of those because they required extensive and intricate ingredients. I ain’t got no time fo’ dat and I definitely don’t have the money. Especially if it’s something I want to make often!!


I Googled “simple Butterbeer recipes”. I refrained from doing that in the first place because I wanted something as close as possible and I thought that taking an easy way wouldn’t work as well. I’m sure those other, harder, recipes would have been great too, but I just don’t (like I said) have the time or the money, and to be honest I’m just not that good at making things like this. I stumbled across the second link from that Google search (the website is here).

This was it. I had hit the jackpot. The recipe on that link involved two ingredients which are all cheap and easy to find. It also was the cold liquid form, which was the one I preferred even though I did enjoy the frozen and hot liquid as well. The only problem was that it didn’t have the froth on top. It seemed like a small detail, but honestly I just felt like it was the one thing missing to make it perfect.

I went back to Google.

This time it was the same search, “simple Butterbeer recipes”, and I struck gold again on the ninth link down (find it here). She has her own recipe for the frozen form, which can be converted to cold or hot liquid. But I wasn’t interested in that since I already had the recipe that tasted spot-on for me (her’s is essentially the same thing anyway). I was more interested in her paragraph about making a frothy topping! She says, “Beat the heavy cream until it is lightened, but still loose. (Think beer foam instead of whipped cream.)  Whisk in enough butterscotch to give the cream a definite butterscotch flavor.” It’s really that simple, people. So I combined the two and BAM. Instant Butterbeer just like the kind I had at The WW. I was in Heaven.

The reason I got this idea for a blog post was because of Mugglenet! They tweeted out a link about how they went to Starbucks and ordered up a Butterbeer concoction (which you can find here). I got super excited because if I can roll through the good ole’ Starbucks and get a Butterbeer Frappaccino whenever I want, you’d better believe I will! I went in this morning, slightly embarrassed because I’m never one of those people who orders something not on the menu. I showed them the screenshot of the ingredient list and thank God I had a super nice barista. The list isn’t long, but it’s a kind of unusual combination. She was super happy to make it up for me and I took my first sip. It was… good. It didn’t knock my socks off, but it wasn’t disgusting. I could see the Butterbeer hints, but mostly it tasted really “nutty” instead of “buttery”. I did enjoy it though, enough that I would get it as an alternative from my regular every once in a while.

After consuming my cold liquid Butterbeer replica for about two weeks straight this past summer, I really burnt myself out on it. So I haven’t had any since the summer months. The Starbucks trial kind of reminded me of how much I really loved the stuff!

Sometime this week I am going to try it hot and frozen at home. I’ll let you know how it goes because if it goes well I’ll just start selling it. A trip to Marissa’s Butterbeer Knockoff Store is MUCH cheaper than Orlando’s Wizarding World, after all.

Just kidding. Kind of. I digress-

I am interested to know if any of you guys have had adventures with Butterbeer production and what you thought about the online recipes compared to the legit stuff. Have any of you tried the Starbucks version yet? Tell me all about it!


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