Hump-day Highlight: Melanie’s Musings!

Melanie’s Musings
Melanie’s Musings is a blog that feature reviews and suggestions and general bookish things! Before we peep her site, let’s learn some more about her!

Who are you?
My name is Melanie. I’m 26 and I live in south Mississippi where I’m a high school librarian. I always say being a librarian is my dream job, yet I actually got my degree in English. I am certified to teach English for grades 7-12, but my love for literature is the main reason that I majored in English anyways. This is my third year as a librarian and I’ve also taught 8th and 11th grade English some along the way.
What is your favorite book or series? Why?
Can I answer two different ways?
My favorite book is Jane Austen’s Emma. I had to read it in 10th grade and fell in love with the story and character. She can set everyone up, but can’t find anyone for herself? I understand, girl!
My favorite series is the Lunar Chronicles. I’ve always been obsessed with fairytales and I love sci-fi, so I was bound to get addicted to the series.
Is there a particular book or series that has changed your life?
*looks around* Twilight, but not in a way that you would think! I read the books well before the movies. I became a fan of the band one of the actors was in and traveled to see them several times. Because of the band, I made lots of friends online and at concerts. The band ended a few years ago, but I’m still friends with most of those people—-all because we enjoyed the book series and then, in turn, found out about a band and went on some awesome adventures.
How has reading in general impacted your life?
I’ve always loved reading- when I was in 2nd grade I remember zooming through the Little House on the Prairie books- who does that? Really though, it impacted my life so much that I decided to share my love for reading with others with my career! There’s nothing I love more than when a student comes running into the library freaking out over the book they’re checking in and gushing over how much they love it!
If you could spend a day with any author, who would it be, and what would you do?
Easy one- Colleen Hoover! She’s one of my favorite authors and she’s also a big fan of my favorite band, the Avett Brothers. We’ve actually been at the same concerts before, but not together. so we’d definitely go to an Avett concert. Funny enough, I met her back in May and we ended up talking about TAB and holding up the signing line.
How did you begin blogging?
I really didn’t start blogging with the goal of sharing on a widespread level at all. I had a couple friends that always asked for book recommendations and a couple of them suggested that I start blogging so that they could keep up with what I read without having to ask.
What character can you most relate to? Why?
Probably Hermione Granger- That was so me in school.
Also Emma Woodhouse because I can give relationship advice all day long, but I can’t find anyone for myself. She gets me. 🙂
 Melanie and I are basically twinsies on Twitter, so I was super excited to learn more about her after reading her questionnaire! Now I know she and I are super similar in the fact that we can both relate to Hermione.
She is super admirable because SHE IS A HIGH SCHOOL LIBRARIAN. Come on, people. Lets shout some Librarian Love; they are the unsung heroes of the book world. Layer on the fact that she handles high school teen angst every day and BAM: she’s superwoman.
I digress- let’s talk about her blog!
You can get to Melanie’s Musings here. Once you’re there, basically you feel right at home. She’s got a super groovy paisley theme going on that makes things feel cozy and inviting. Before I go on any further, I have to point out the selection which is a pencil-scribble circle. I am in love with it. This girl knows how to pick blog themes.
Melanie does reviewing, mostly on her blog. She makes things really simple and easy to find with clear links to all of her reviews and review policy. Now, let’s talk about her review style. Spoiler Alert: I ADORE IT. 
First, she provides us with a summary, but not a *real* summary. Why is that so important? Because if you’re like me, you aren’t always seeking reviews out. 9/10 I’m perusing the interwebs at my leisure and I stumble upon a review for a book I’ve only heard about in passing. I want to know if it’s worth my time or not, so I like to have a little info telling me what to expect. Basically it’s a life saver. There are tons of books out there that I would have hated had I gone in blindly, but thanks to reviewers *cough* LIKE MELANIE *cough* I don’t have to feel that pain!
Second, she tells us what she thinks! This is important because we have a similar taste in books. Odds are if she says it’s stupid and I shouldn’t read it, then she’s probably going to be pretty close to hitting the nail on the head. But Melanie is nice and would never say something like that. Nope. Never. *refers you to all of our sassy Twitter conversations* Nope. Never.
Basically, I could go on for days about how this is the place you should go to for reviews on fantasy and contemporary romance YA literature. But if I went on for days this post wouldn’t be up on Wednesday and that would defeat the purpose of “Hump-day” Highlights. Besides, I really want to get this out into the blog-o-sphere as soon as possible because Melanie’s Musings is an absolute delight and necessity for the review-seeking reader out there.
Go check out her latest blog, a review of “Things I Can’t Explain”, and while you’re there, give her some Librarian Love.

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