My Very First Giveaway!

Hello lovelies! Fall is my favorite time of year! I love the weather, the leaves, the cute and comfy clothes, and the HOLIDAYS that are swiftly approaching! There are three: My birthday (yeah, it’s a holiday, duh), Thanksgiving, and Christmas! YAY! So, in honor of my excitement, I am doing a giveaway! It’s actually my very first giveaway ever and I’m really kind of actually nervous about it a little (a lot). So, you’re probably wondering how exactly you can enter this giveaway and you’re also probably wondering what exactly I’m giving away. Well, the answer to that last question is: whatever you want. That’s right! If you win, you can choose any book you want under the limit of $15. Here’s how you win-

  1. Follow the blog twitter here.
  2. Leave a comment on ANY blog post here at Growing-up Booknerd.

That’s it!  Doing both of those things will get you one chance to win.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. Each time you promote this giveaway, you get an extra chance. So if you promote it on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook… that’s three extra chances. If you tweet about it twice, that’s two extra chances! Make sure you tag me so I see it!

Here are some things you should know:

This giveaway is only open to the US (sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyy x900, I’m working on international for the next one, I promise).

The book must be available on Amazon and be available for prime shipping.

This giveaway will end on November 15th, 2015!



7 thoughts on “My Very First Giveaway!

  1. So awesome, and congrats! Thanks for the chance! Follow you on Twitter! I’m going to look for you on Instagram right now!! katiesajdaklowden


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