Hump-day Highlights

Tomorrow is a very important day for Growing Up Booknerd! Why, you ask? Because I am doing something new! WE are doing something new (because as a blog writer, I cannot exist without blog READERS, duh guys)! Introducing: Hump-day Highlights! Right now you’re probably flailing around going, “AHHH BUT WHAT IS THAT???” Good news. it’s not hard and simultaneously awesome.

Every Wednesday (otherwise known as Hump-day *giggles*), I’m going to post some love for my fellow bloggers! This community is so stinkin’ awesome, and full of equally stinkin’ awesome people! So along with showing off their blog, I’m going to feature a little questionnaire that tells us all about the blogger themselves!

For the most part, I’m really going to be focusing on book blogs and life blogs. That really makes a lot of sense when you pair that with the fact that my own blog is about…books…and life… HA I’m so clever,)

Tomorrow, to kick off the first official Hump-day Highlight, I have one of my favorite blogs that I have discovered since entering the blog-o-sphere.

Are you ready for Wednesday to be your favorite day of the week?


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